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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Think again

Who are you to say what life's about?
I'm sorry to inform you of your mistake
I see the parade behind all your lies
and everyone is having a great time

You think you know. Think again.

I see it happen throughout my life
False idols and ideas fill our imagination
Since when did you care about my dreams?
Sorry hun, but you still can't see

You think you know. Think again.

And now I sit here and daydream
about the days I've dreamt
I miss the days I've dreamt
So where is the peace we had
it always flies away
won't see it another day
This is all the same

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Triple Double U

It's 2 AM and I'm still up
I must be crazy or something
But don't take me away to that padded cell just yet, hold on

I really enjoy our little talks
over the triple double u
I can't imagine sleeping without this

I can't wait until tonight
to have our conversation
Let's make a time late tonight
to have our conversation
make sure to check your connection
I hope its good
I hope we have a connection,
and I hope its good

The daylight never seemed so long
I wish it would go by faster
I would root for the moon in any fight against the sun

I'm looking through these windows to find your name
and when that little message comes up,
I can almost here your voice talking right through it

I'm so glad we have tonight
to have our conversation
My day doesn't end just right
until we have our conversation
I'm making sure I have a connection
I hope its good
I think we have a connection,
and I hope its good

Technology will lose the fight
the night I see your face
Technology will lose the fight
the night when your arms are what I embrace
Technology will lose the fight
and you and I will still have that connection

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've been writing again...yay...this may not be the final draft, considering I've been changing things around still. But anyways, its a rhyming one:

Last week I had a dream
It was of you and of he,
your new man sitting right by your side
Laughing with him, almost to a cry
and the best part of my dream
is that you were thinking of me

I awoke very sad that day
because it was my mind who performed the play
And as he danced his dance and sung song
my heart agreed with me that it was wrong
and the best part of this morning
is that he was thinking of me

Oh Ohhhhhhhhh
I can't seem to win
Oh Ohhhhhhhhh
It just all starts again
I go through my day
living life the same
and Oh ohhhhhhhhh
I know I'll dream again

Then again that dream came to me, as I said
but this time, you were alone in your bed
Crying and throwing things around
And your new man, well he was no where to be found
Is this a nightmare, or a dream come true?
I wouldn't want this to be wished on you
I just wanted a happy night alone
I wish every night was a happy night alone
But we all know there's no such thing as a happy night alone

Oh Ohhhhhhhh
I just can't seem to win
Oh Ohhhhhhhh
It just all starts again
You win some, you lose all
You raise up and then you fall
and Oh ohhhhhhhhh
I hope I don't dream again

Last night was the final draw
you were sitting next to me
and you said you were sorry,
it was all a misunderstanding
And right before the kiss,
I pinched myself,
I got rid of it

Oh ohhhhhhhh
I just found a way to win
Oh Ohhhhhhhh
it'll never start again
Will it really stop,
no one really knows
I'm sure this will cause this madnesss to come to a close
My mind will wish he never played those tricks
On me
Oh yes, this will be his final act tonight

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My other blog

Well, I've decided to dive into this photog adventure of a year of photos!
check it out here:


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two Cents

I lead a troubled life
filled with anger and regret
I'm afraid I will not be able
to fulfill my destiny,
accomplish my goals,
live my dreams
But the world doesn't
need to know my worries
I do not wish for everyone
to look at me
with sympathetic eyes.
Instead, I wear this mask
of apathy
and pretend life is okay
Life goes on without me
and doesn't care to stop
and say,
"Everything will come together
Don't let go of your faith
or hope.
You will see one day that
this was a joke. (all worth) After all the
sacrifices you made.
You will hear them say
Everything will come together

Until that moment,
I sit here and wait,
wondering if I should live
my life without any danger
or risks.
No more worrying about
that true love,
the right answers,
the ultimate goal.

But then, I realize
that I cannot risk this.
I cannot take that chance.
There may be an easier path
to take.
But which?
Who will tell me where to go?
Who will be my guide?
Why can't I take action and
do what I want?
Who will criticize my doings?
And why would I even care?
I cannot make a promise
that my life will change when
I do take charge.
But I know my two cents
will matter somewhere.
With someone.

First Published Photo!!!

this is the latest thing to happen in my life. Hopefully, more to come!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Washington D.C.

So, I went to DC. True story. Purpose: go see Broken Social Scene. Time period: Friday - Sunday/Monday morning. Details:


We wanted to leave at 8:30 in the AM to head out on this journey. Well, I was the loser who had 4 classes Friday morning, so I had to delay our departure for another 4 hours. Finally, 12:30 came around, I came home, Ralph was out buying his sweater (which really turned out to be a zip-up shirt...awesome Ralph), and Troy and Eamon were ready. We (Troy) loaded the car (Troy's) with everyone's (everyone's) luggage.

NOTE: Troy's car fits 5.

We planned on having 5 people in the car. It was going to be cramped, and I knew that. I also knew I wanted to play guitar in DC. Well, I decide to bring it along. In the end, it was an amazing decision. At this time, on Friday morning, it seemed like an idea Lucifer would think of for torture. Plus, Ralph brought his guitar too. Awesome. The two guitars pretty much counted as two more people. So, 6 people were in the car already.

We finally headed out towards DC. 13 hour drive. Ralph sitting left-nut, me right-nut, Troy driving, Eamon shotgunned. 3-4 hours into the trip, we had to kidnap/pick-up our guest passenger: Bryan (aka Fitz). So, now there are 7 people in the car, and Fitz is sitting bitch. 7 - 9 hours left...

GOING-UP: The trip going-up was pretty much the worst part of the entire trip. It consisted of:
- back seat crampness thanks to guitar1 and guitar2
-loud music, which wasn't a problem until Eamon or Troy tried to talk to us, which lead them to believe that we were both deaf and lead Ralph and I to believe that the music was to loud
-Lots of questions-about-certain-songs being asked quickly followed by (sometimes more than once) of Troy-is-to-annyoed-by-these-dumb-questions-answers answeres. This was actually pretty funny to me, since it was usually Ralph asking the questions
-Awesome gas-station food
-I'm not a very good car-ride sleeper, so not to much sleep
I can't say the trip going-up wasn't fun, because it was. These things just made it kinda less fun. Whatever...

Late Friday/Early Saturday

Finally, at 2 AM, we arrive at the US capital. Yay! We look around for some sort of parking only to find its valet only. Which is fine, except they park the car in some sort of underground Alkatraz/Matrix/Mayan Temple parking garage. And the only way of going to it is with the valet guy as your guide. So we got out what we could and went to the hotel room. We met up, or just looked at (they were sleeping), the other 10 people in our DC journey (Staci, Kristi, Jenni, Karen, Lee, Thomas, Judy, Alayna, Lily, and I think that's it...hopefully...sorry in advance). We did not last to long in the room since we had the brilliant idea of skating in DC at 2 AM! It was a very good idea, so we went. The weather was better than I predicted. I thought it was going to be cold enough for another ice age. But it turned out to be just as cold as the colder days in Florida. Our skate adventure didn't last very long, but it did include some favorite memories. We skated down a few blocks, Ralph ate it really hard, found the DC "Love Park", saw the capital, Ralph lost "$25", and that was it. We went back to hotel. Eamon, Ralph, and I walked around DC some more. Back to hotel. Found out that I was sleeping on the floor. And also saw that there were no pillows or blankets or anything. Awesome. My back still hates me.


Woke up around 9AM because Saturday was our "tourist" day. Museums, monuments, cool stuff were to be seen today. I was down with it, but I wanted to actually sleep for more than 4 hours. Whatever. We all go down to get some "wake-up" liquid (coffee) and chit-chat. Then, someone wanted some bagels or something, so we all headed out for a bagel shop. After 10 blocks of walking, waiting, crossing, and stopping went found a bagel shop...CLOSED. Awesome. We start heading for some cafè to meet up with Karen's amazing Uncle. We call him Krunkle thanks to Ralph. Along the way to the cafè, we find a Himalyan shop. Troy invested in a hat I'm sure he loves more than me. We meet up with Krunkle and chit-chat some more. We then head to our first museum:The Smithsonian of DC. Free is always nice to hear, and it was nice since the museum was free! yay! Krunkle caught everyone off guard when he decides to actually spend money and some 3D IMAX movie tickets for us. The movie was pretty cool looking, everything flying at my face and just goofing around, while still being educated (always a good combination).

After the movie, we check out the rest of the museum. I discover I want to become a Rastifarian (or just semi-Rastifarian...). We then left after about an hour of museuming it up. We walk towards the White House. Ralph pays a homeless guy to take his picture. I pay nothing and take a picture anyways. We arrive at the White House, the Washington Monument behind us, and we all do the tourist "ooh-ahh"ings. Pictures were taken. Laughs shared. Babies crying (thanks Ralph). Then, more walking.

Our group was split off in two, the people who stayed with Krunkle, and then us losers watching skateboarders in Freedom Plaza. Basically, we went off without the girls. Someone thought they went back to the hotel, so that's where our destination was. On the way, many crazy homeless men stopped us. One even got $6 out of us. Lame.

Back to the hotel. No one was there. Awesome. We all decided we were starving and wanted food. Fitz "remembers" about some mall with an amazing food-court. So we head out with no directions, only instinct. After about a hour of walking in circles, we found the so-called "amazing food-court mall"...CLOSED. Everything was CLOSED! Troy then decides he wants to visit China town. Be Tee Dubs (BTW), this was at a time of darkness. So, we decided to just let Troy go on his own adventure, and let us eat McDonald's.


We came back to the hotel, and eventually everyone else did too. Eamon, Ralph, Tom, Lily, and I jammed out some gnarly tunes on the guitars. Lily murders my E-string (No worries...I still hate you...just joshin). Ouija becomes a hit single of a future band.

After this, some stuff happens. But I'm leaving it with this quote:
"What happens in DC, stays in DC"

I will tell you it had a lot of fun stuff I wish I could tell you. It invloved challenges, leaning buddies, spider-women, some CVS time, cookies and milk, and lots and lots of laughter. If you really wanna know, ask me.


After an amazing night, our last day started with everyone wanting food. So we set out our hunt for food, and after walking at least 27 blocks, finally find a restaraunt where we all could eat. The group was then split off again, with the kids who wanted to skate in DC, and the kids who wanted to go to the zoo in DC.

So Troy, Fitz, Eamon, and I go down into the metrorail. Get tickets back to hotel. Get boards. Seshed. I actually got footy, but it is horrific. Eamon got footy too, and it was goooooooood. Troy remembered of a spot that was suppose to be chill. I guess it was, since we NEVER FOUND IT. 2 hours spent looking for this "chill-spot" and we just eneded up going to Freedom Park to skate.

After seshing, we go back to the hotel to start packing before the show.


After packing, we get the worst directions possibly imagined, Troy packs the car, we then were off to Club 9:30. Without any help from the directions, we finally get to the club and wait in lines.

The show was amazing. If you have never heard Broken Social Scene, you probably don't know the true meaning of peacefulness. Honestly, I didn't know any but 3 of their songs, and I was still moved (emotionally) as if I wrote every song. The entire mood was perfect. No problems what-so-ever.

After the show, we said our good-byes. Numbers exchanged. Crying...? Maybe not. We then head on the road back home.

GOING-DOWN: Going-down was not bad at all. Ralph and I figured out ways of holding the guitar to make us feel a tad-bit more comfortable. Nobody was complaining about anything. We were all just talking about how amazing our weekend was. I then fell asleep for a little. Meanwhile, everyone is talking about some crazy story when they were little. I knew because I could hear them and eventually woke up to some really bad/funny stories. At midnight, Troy had to give up his driving privlages since the law asked him to...for 3 MONTHS! Ralph was the first volunteer to drive and drove up to the point where we needed to drop off Fitz. We said our good-byes for Fitz, threatened him if he doesn't come up soon, we would kill him, and got back in the car. Ralph volunteered again, but not for long, since tiredness overtook his mind.


So, now with Ralph out, I was chosen as driver. Yay! I kinda wanted to drive when the sun was coming up. Just because I thought it would be cool to see happen for once.

The main difference between my experience driving down and everyone else's was the talking. Everyone was talking when Troy, Ralph, or Fitz was driving. My turn came around and everyone dies. I didn't care that much until about 8 AM, I started to get that blacking out feeling. After almost hitting a semi, I decided to wake up. I drove until we needed gas again, at which point, Ralph insisted on driving, since I told him what happened.

Finally, at 10:30 AM, we arrive on University Blvd. We go to UCF, since I forgot I had a test this morning, and it started at 10:30 AM. I get dropped off, bomb the test, go back home, typed this up, and now am going to sleep.

I will close out with the following. This weekend has definately been one of my favorite weekends ever. I'm serious, its way at the top of my list. Not the top, but really close. I can't wait to take another trip like this again. Or just be with the same awesome people somewhere. I'm sure it'll happen sometime soon. You should come.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I made an enemy today

I made an enemy today
and destroyed a long time dream
What a waste of my mind
to think I can make things come clean
I feel like everything I done in the past
has made my present useless
I need to get away from everyone,
for my own personal reasons
But seriously, how do you react
when she is done?
When she has no intention of moving
forward, at least without you
I'm sorry, but I've been reading
and I know my chances
I can and will take risks
for that last drop of hope
that I will repair and
get my broken dream